Solar Energy Benefits – The People, The Economy and The Environment

A reliable and infinite resource from nature, solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy solution which is not only sustaining homes but it is considerate one of the cleanest sources of energy for corporates and industries.

Due to its positive and healthy effects, solar energy is an advantage to the people, the economy and the environment. Below are the top reasons why companies, industries and residences should completely switch to solar energy power solutions;

  1. Solar Energy is a Renewable Energy – solar energy is a renewable source that can be used to produce electricity as long as the sun exist – can be called a never-ending resource of energy.
  2. Healthier Source of Energy – solar energy is clean and green, which means no pollution is created, combats global warming and catastrophic climate change.
  3. Cost Saving – solar energy has the potential to save up to 20% on energy costs, cost savings for both homes and business.
  4. Easy Installation, Less Maintenance and Long Lasting – an all in one solar energy solution that has no hazards and obstacles of installation and maintenance.
  5. Storage Even in Blackouts – As it is not dependent on any man-made resource, solar energy can be stored and be used as power backup supply. Companies can benefit from a hybrid commercial solar backup solution which maintains an uninterrupted power supply.

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) a leading power solution provider offers a wide range of solar solutions for corporate enterprises. There are many more factors which motivates the switch from conventional power supply to solar energy. RPE is moving forward with a determination to make Nigeria a land which consumes solar power. In order to put this into action, RPE contributed by installing solar solution at LEA Gwarinpa School, Nigeria as one of their CSR activity. The company encourages home and corporates to embrace the gift of nature by moving to solar energy solutions. Find out more at or email

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We are leading the way for sustainable power for millions of people in Nigeria and beyond

We are leading the way for sustainable power for millions of people in Nigeria and beyond

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