Royal Power – UPS Power Backup for Industry and Manufacturing

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) offers a range of power backup UPS in Nigeria which proves to be the solutions to power cuts for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

Nigeria is a middle-income, blended economy with a developing business sector. The country has a diverse and expanding economy in manufacturing, financial services, communications, technology, and entertainment sectors.

“Industrial production in Nigeria averaged 0.96 percent from 2007 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 20.10 percent in the first quarter of 2011.”- Trading Economics.

A fast-growing company is built upon the foundation of people. People who contributes their lives, efforts and ideas to the industries they work with and continuity of production of goods is a proportional contributor of any country’s growth.

We all know power is one of the important element for business growth. But it is one of the biggest impediments in Nigeria. Uninterrupted supply of power is essentially required for the production department of industry. Keeping this in mind we have industrial UPS power which lets any organization handle electric blackouts

Royal Power’s range of UPS systems is considered one of the top-rated UPS systems in Nigeria. The company offers power backup UPS in Nigeria from quality brands across the globe with multiple features.

Royal Power’s power backup UPS in Nigeria:

  1. Wide Input Voltage Rage
  2. UPS Control
  3. Network Integration and Shutdown Management
  4. High Efficiency and Extended Battery Option
  5. Easy Installation and Simple Operation

The UPS also comes with the choice of capacity ranges. Starting from 1kVA to high-performance modular UPS system configured in parallel for N+1 or N+2 redundancies.

RPE is the leading industrial UPS supplier in Nigeria. RPE offers the best prices for our products to provide constant power supply to industries and manufacturing sectors. Royal Power and Electricals been working with diverse sectors for over a decade and takes pleasure in serving our customers. We are keen to assist with any industrial power backup and requirements and can be reached at or call +234 12710512.

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We are leading the way for sustainable power for millions of people in Nigeria and beyond

We are leading the way for sustainable power for millions of people in Nigeria and beyond

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