RPE Office Goes 100% Green

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) a leading power solution provider offers a wide range of solar solutions for corporate, industrial and commercial enterprises. Nigeria being a tropical nation receives sunlight throughout the year. The fact is, Nigeria faces shortage of power as the demand of power is much higher than what is being generated. Keeping […]

Royal Power – UPS Power Backup for Industry and Manufacturing

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) offers a range of power backup UPS in Nigeria which proves to be the solutions to power cuts for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Nigeria is a middle-income, blended economy with a developing business sector. The country has a diverse and expanding economy in manufacturing, financial services, communications, technology, and entertainment […]

Solar Energy Benefits – The People, The Economy and The Environment

A reliable and infinite resource from nature, solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy solution which is not only sustaining homes but it is considerate one of the cleanest sources of energy for corporates and industries. Due to its positive and healthy effects, solar energy is an advantage to the people, the […]

Alternative Energy Source – The Solar Inverter

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) offers an array of solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications which include standard solar inverters and hybrid inverters for systems with energy storage installed as well as batteries. The solar market has been booming over the last decade and is forecasted to continue this trend in the coming years. […]

A company that is curious about the world, how it works and how to improve it

Africa, as a developing continent, understandably has a huge demand for power which has proven to be one of the most critical barriers to the continent’s development in general. Which brings us to Nigeria – the largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa with huge constraints in growth as a result of poor power supply across the […]

Royal Power Exploring Sustainable Energy for Nigeria with Solar Mini Grids

At Royal Power and Energy (RPE) the understanding is access to power can determine a communities’ quality of life and prospects. With electricity Nigerians can engage in better economic opportunities and that is the reason why RPE is planning on constructing between 10-20 mini grids across the country. These solar powered mini grids will enable […]